for some these are colors... ...for us
these are Chemicals!
for some these are nuts... ...for us
this is Engineering!
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this is Insurance!
for some these are flowers... ...for us
this is Energy!
At Knights & Bishops, we understand your business... ...before we search!

Recruitment & HR

Welcome to Knights & Bishops ®, an Executive Search Firm that focuses on recruitment in Engineering, Chemical, Insurance and Energy sectors.

Knights & Bishops ® provides a wide range of Human Resource (HR) services in Engineering, Chemicals, Insurance and Energy sectors. These primarily include recruitment services, manpower outsourcing (third party contract staff), soft skill / behavioural trainings, HR consultancy and supporting Senior Management candidates in improving their resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) presentation.

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Apply for jobs discreetly

Senior Management candidates who are interested in searching for jobs in a discreet and confidential manner are encouraged to send their resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) to us. They may post their resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) on our “Post Resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) ” section.

We assure them that their resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) will not be sent to any potential employer without their consent. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our candidates who have reposed their faith in us. We understand that searching for a job is a sensitive affair.

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Get help with your resume

In their pursuit for higher level positions in the corporate world, candidates often forget the basics of writing a good resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) . They know that their resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) is their ambassador, yet writing resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) remains a weak area. Either they are busy with the hustle and bustle of their daily life or they lose the perspective with which an employer looks at their resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) .

Knights & Bishops ® helps such candidates to have an unbiased yet critical review of their resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) . We support them in drafting an improved resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) . After all, what for have we developed the skill of resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) writing.

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