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Welcome Senior Management professional!

It is perfectly normal to aspire for higher positions in the corporate world. Yet it has to be done in a discreet and confidential way. Are you comfortable displaying your resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) on a job portal where it is seen by all Tom, Dick and Harry. Maintaining privacy is your first and foremost right. Searching for a new job has to be done with dignity. At Knights & Bishops ®, we take care of exactly the same issue. Your resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) remains in “safe custody” till you give us the green signal to forward it to the potential employer. Only after your clear consent, we process your resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) for the job of your choice.

We encourage you to post your resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) in the form given below. You are in the best position to classify your resume (curriculum vitae / CV ) in the relevant industry and function. If we start doing it on your behalf, we might go wrong. So please fill up the below form send it to us along with your resume (curriculum vitae / CV ). We respect your privacy and confidentiality.